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My name is Julie Story Spillane and I am a photographer, videographer, and digital designer. I am a Spring 2022 dual degree graduate from the University of Connecticut, with a Bachelor of Arts in Digital Media and Design with a 2D Animation and Motion Graphics concentration and a Bachelor of Arts in English.

My interest in photography and videography began in high school when I started shooting theater and dance performances in my hometown. I became passionate about digital design in college as a Digital Media and Design major and have been able to explore new forms of media such as animation, motion graphics and graphic design. My best work now focuses on combining digital design with photo and video. I consider performance photography a specialty; however, I am enthusiastic about creating art in any environment or venue.

My work as a professional artist has taken off since my early days of photographing local performance events. I have worked professionally for the University of Connecticut newspaper, The Daily Campus, getting the opportunity to photographer major events such as UConn Basketball, UConn Football, and performances including Kristen Chenoweth. I have additionally collaborated with the Dodd Human Rights Impact and CT Remembers the Holocaust on video editing, web design and graphic design projects. 

My freelance photography work includes, but is not limited to, graduations, family portraits, professional portraits, sporting events, artistic events and promotional content. I have strong past experience in all aspects of the film and video process from early pre-production to release and post-production. 

I am interested in working with all clients looking for a collaborative artistic environment!


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