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Digital Design

In the Fall 2020 semester I was hired by the Dodd Human Rights Impact as a student digital designer. The Thomas J. Dodd Research Center is located on the UCONN Storrs, CT campus and works towards a mission of inclusion and acceptance education. As a digital designer I create flyers, commercials, conduct interviews, write articles and run social media pages for the research center. I have worked with numerous clients on a wide variety of projects, however, each collaboration is as rewarding as the next working towards a goal of proper education on human rights.


In 2019 I served as the Head of Outreach executive board member for the student-run theater club UCONN Dramatic PAWS. Within this position I ran the organization's social media accounts linked below as well as being the sole creator of promotional materials and digital media designs. I am now the president of this organization and no longer run the online pages however I have featured some of my best work in this position below.

Instagram and FaceBook posts between January 2019 - December 2019 were created and posted by me.

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I was hired as a tour guide for the Lodewick Visitors Center in Fall 2019 and was hired as a social media coordinator for a Recruitment and Retention team in Spring 2021. As part of this job I design flyers, social media posts and run social media accounts to recruit UCONN applicants to become a tour guide.


Notes Over Storrs A Capella Promotion

Notes Over Storrs Promotion

Personal Work

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